Art is the only measure of imagination.

If there is such a day, a moment that is supposed to look different than any other moment in time – space must adapt to it! And even if it is a castle, a tent, or a factory hall; even if it is situated under a bridge, under a corrugated sheet or under the big blue sky – this space must bend and be willing to dress. Extraordinarily, unlike any other. Exceptionally. For this one moment.
Only this way can you match imagination.

…I admire – Joanna Jodełka



Gabriela Prządka (Gasparska)

The founder and designer of Artsize


An art historian by training, an expert in Sarmatian jewellery out of passion. For many years she dealt with art appraisals and expertise. She co-created private and museum collections. For a long time she has been changing the reality by inventing and building unique sets and designs interior. Bold, crazy, sometimes charming, depending on the occasion and order, but always in line with the idea – special place, special time, unique idea and perfect execution! Off the record, highlander – skier, in love with Argentine tango.





Joanna Ochocka-Wieczorek

Design Coordinator


She hold Polish language degree and has experience working on the radio, in an advertising agency, and an art magazine ARTEON. She is the special task person in ArtSize, which she’s been friends with from the very beginning. Together with ArtSize she’s seen beautiful places and locations but, above all, fantastic Young Couples. At work, she uses her organizational and aesthetic senses. She produces, coordinates and at the same time makes flower wreaths. Privately, a devotee of detective stories and rock music.




Ewa Dziewolska-Kawka


Historian of art by profession, in practice a working woman who is not afraid of any work. She was a sales representative, an interviewer, a head-hunter, an employee of advertising agencies, art galleries and a garden designer. Work at ArtSize has allowed her to combine all these experiences additionally embellished with her openness to people. Mountains, meadows and forests – this is the environment where she feels at home. She draws strength, peace and joy of life from the harmony of nature.





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